1) In March/April we will sponsor our 6* Dental Mission to Argentina after a 6 year break. We now have a new host group in Asuncion. It is an agricultural area over 2 hours from any city with dental care. We will be treating adults and children. They are isolated by both poverty and their remote location.

2) We will sponsor our 12lh Dental Mission to Lima, Peru in May. We treat the very poor people who live in the slums of the barrio, Cerro Candela, north of the city. No tourists ever visit Cerro Candela.

3) In October we will sponsor our 5* Dental Mission to Belmopan, Belize. They are very excited about our team's return.

4) We will sponsor and organize our annual Dental Mission to Guatemala in November. This mission concentrates treatment-on-the-sehool-ehildren.

5) We will help pay the staff salary at the Puesta de Salud which is associated with our Guatemala dental clinic on the island of Bacadilla in the Rio Dulce area.

6) We will purchase school supplies for the Punta Arenas Elementary School in the jungle of the Rio Dulce.

7) 8 families that are IHE donors will sponsor "scholarships" for 8 indigenous children who were good students at the primary school in the jungle, so that they can attend a secondary school out of the area. There are no secondary schools in the isolated area we serve. Our goal is to have these children return to work in the Rio Dulce area. Our current teachers at the Punta Arenas school are people that we have helped to educate who have returned to serve their community. It is difficult to recruit people from the city to work in the remote jungle. It is our hope that the educated recipients of these "Scholarships" will also return to improve life in their villages.

8) We will fund the purchase of oral hygiene & dental supplies, as well as pain relief medications and antibiotics for all our dental missions. All medications must be of the current date.

9) We will replace some of our portable equipment as needed. It is very difficult on the equipment that must be carried as luggage onto airplanes, cleared through Customs and then transported by local ground transportation to the very isolated areas that we serve.

10) We maintain all our equipment and supplies for the dental missions in the storage area at the mouth of the Carmel Valley that has been generously leased to us by Larry & Carol Guesno for $ 1 / month. This large room is also where we pack the Red Bags stuffed with shoes, clothing and toys that we take on each mission to give to our patients following their treatment.

11) We will continue to update the information in our Trip Leader Manuals for each of the locations that we perform dental missions. This will enable our trip leaders to expertly lead their missions with confidence. The years of experience and the valuable knowledge that we have accumulated will be effectively passed on to new younger people so that they are able to expertly lead these missions in the future.

12) We hope to add new dental equipment so that we can provide superior treatment closer to the standards we provide in the United States. Before making any purchases, we will discuss the specifications of all equipment and supplies with our Dentist's Advisory Committee.